Bishop’s Kitchen Exhibition 2022 – Exhibit Entry Form

You will be asked to enter all the details of your work over the following pages.  Full exhibitors may enter details of up to 15 items. Newcomers may either enter a maximum of 3 items free of charge, or if you have paid the standard fee you may enter up to 15 items.
The details you will be asked to complete for each entry will be:-
    • Item Title.  (Shown on the Display Label)
    • Is the item Foodsafe or Watertight?  – Please check boxes as appropriate. (NOT shown on the Display Label, for information only)
    • Item Size (or if a Wallhanging) – Drop down menu provided.  (NOT shown on the Display Label)
    • Quantity if your item is a set (e.g. a set of matching bowls).  This defaults to 1, but you can enter any value up to 6.  A maximum of 6 items per set is allowed, and there is a maximum of 2 sets of items per exhibitor.  (NOT shown on the Display Label)
    • Type of Firing used – Drop down menu provided.  (Shown on the Display Label)
    • Type of Clay Body used – Drop down menu provided.  (Shown on the Display Label)
    • Any Instructions regarding individual items.  (NOT shown on the Display Label)
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Please click in the box and type in your membership number.
Please enter the total number of exhibits that you are entering. If you have entered as a newcomer for freee then this should be three items or less. For other exhibitors this can be up to 15 items maximum (although you will only be asked to bring in up to 10 items on the 29th of July). THIS IS A MANDATORY FIELD.

Entry Item #1

20 Characters Maximum
Please type in the price of the item. Please use whole pounds only.
Item Attributes
If the piece needs wall Hanging, then please select "H". Otherwise select the size based upon the maximum dimension of your piece: "S" for Small (under 10 cm), "M" for Medium if over 10cm but less than 40 cm, "L" for Large if larger than 40cm.
If it is a single item, then please enter "1". If it is a set of items, please enter the number of items in the set.
Please select "E" if Electric fired, "G" if Gas fired, "W" if Wood fired, "S" if Smoke fired, "P" if Pit fired, and "R" if Raku fired
Please select "EW" if Earthenware, "SW" if Stoneware, "P" if Porcelain, "M" if Mixed clays.
In this column you may note any unusual features e.g., fittings included, lift only by base, etc.