Websites & Suppliers

  • Bath Potters
  • Pottery Ceramic Services (Was Briar Wheels. 5% discount for group members – Membership number required. Facebook.)
  • Bluematchbox
  • Castree Kilns (5%, with Membership Number. Kiln materials and other supplies – check out the prices. Tel: 01994 232270)
  • Clayman (5% discount on all items across our range. Production of a membership number is essential. The only exception to the discount is Bisque)
  • CTM Potters Supplies (5%, with Membership Number, on everything other than direct deliveries of clay and machinery)
  • Dove Screen Services.  Suppliers of custom underglaze and overglaze decals.  Also supply sheets of printed underglaze and overglaze colours which can be cut up and applied to create a pattern.
  • Hesketh Potters’ Supplies (5% discount for group members – Membership number required)
  • Potclays (5% discount for group members – Membership number required)
  • Potterycrafts Ltd ( 5% discount on kilns and equipment, 10% discount on materials, please contact them on 01782 745000 for more details – membership number required).
  • Pottery Products Ltd:  Manufacturer of Discus wheels, based in Petersfield.  (10% Discount for group members)
  • Scarva Pottery Supplies (5% discount for SCG members – Membership number required)
  • Top Pot Supplies
  • Roman Instruments

Kiln Repair

Wheel Repair

  • Mel Milburn. 07773 149 534

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Pottery and associated arts organisations

  • Adopt a Potter has a simple aim: to help in securing the future of studio potters
  • The Arts Council champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives
  • The Craft Potters Association of Great Britain. The national body representing ceramic artists in the UK
  • The Heritage Craft Association is the advocacy body for traditional heritage crafts. Working in partnership with Government and key agencies, it provides a focus for craftspeople, groups, societies and guilds, as well as individuals who care about the loss of traditional crafts skills, and works towards a healthy and sustainable framework for the future.

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