Online Talk – 4th May 2021, 7pm – 8.30pm

Patricia Shone

“The pieces are made by hand building, texturing, stretching and carving. Colours are achieved most of all by the firing processes. The soft earthenware blacks and greys of raku firing; wood firing for warm earth tones and glazed stoneware; charcoal saggar firing within the wood kiln for dark greys and matt glazes. This gives me a wide range of textures and densities of surface and body, reflecting the varied geology of the land.

I love the feel of raw clay in my hands and the connection it gives me to the physical world. I enjoy the visceral processes, not always comfortable and often challenging and increasingly tiring. It is a medium demanding practical solutions which balances the introspection that comes from working alone. I have learned to give precedence to the physical process over and above intellectual input, allowing the inner senses to give voice to the work. But I also love understanding the complex chemistry of the ceramic process, and the history of the material and its domestic uses, how it connects one human being to another, a bowl passed from hand to hand.”

Patricia Shone Ceramics


Craft Pottery Charitable Trust Emmanuel Cooper Award 2019

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