Online Talk – 2nd February 2021, 7pm – 8.30pm

David Louveau – “Change”


David will be talking about his life experience; his coming to Sweden; and of “CHANGE” as such. The passage from one state to another that I live from the place of my creation in the values of the life I lead with my partner now.

In the first part of is talk, he will show a video of his workshop and kilns, and talk about his techniques (a video because there is no signal in his workshop, and his kilns are outside). Then he will talk (live) about the ethos and emotions that inspire him, and take his work above the level of just making. During this part he will also be using some of his tea ware, and talking about the philosophy of tea and what it means to him.

Image of David Louveau

1971 Born in Guadeloupe
1987 Raised in New Caledonia
Instructor at the national gymnastics centre
1989 Fireman in Paris
1992 Discovered ceramics in Japan where I lived in the mountains of Nagano province
1993 Apprenticeship with Kinya Ishikawa in Quebec, Canada. 2 years of throwing porcelain usinga kick wheel
1995 Ran my own ceramics studio in New Caledonia for 8 years
2003 Moved to Larne Borne in France. Set up my studio with an Anagama kiln
2017 Moved to Skåne in Sweden. Set up a studio with an eco friendly kiln
Instagram: @davidlouveau

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