Abi Jonas

My name is Abi Jonas and I am a functional potter based in Petersfield, Hampshire working from my garage workshop. I have a background in arts practise but only came to ceramics in the last 8 years or so. I work in stoneware and decorate many of my pieces using brushed and trailed slip as it allows a freedom of expression and spontaneity of mark that I have not found in traditional glazing techniques. I particularly enjoy the bowl form but also make plates, dishes and vases as well as mugs etc for markets and fairs as well as exhibitions and open studio events. I throw most of my work on the wheel  but occasionally work with slabs and am excited about starting to hand build more varied forms where I can experiment with surface marks in a different way.


Address:  Petersfield

Mobile Telephone Number:  07787 802413 

Social media:  @abijonaspottery 

Services provided:  Commissions considered

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