Alison Wear

I work exclusively with unglazed pieces that attain their finished coloration through exposure to flames, smoke and intense heat. They are fired in a pit, a bonfire or simply a metal dustbin filled with combustible materials. This low-tech approach is exciting and extremely unpredictable. It makes each piece unique. I find inspiration in organic and zoomorphic forms, especially the work of the Amlash potters living 5000 years ago in Iran. All my pieces are handmade. They are formed with care and then burnished to a soft sheen before being subjected to fire and intense heat. I do not use coloured glazes but add organic materials such as salt, horsehair and wood bark to the firing which infuse the stoneware clay to create strange and interesting colours. My intention is to achieve a rugged earthy look which is in strong contrast to the simple smooth shapes of my pieces.

Address:  7 Sharon Road, London W4 4PD

Home Telephone Number:  02087 421 412

Mobile Telephone Number:  07976 253 363

Website: Find me on Instagram at alisonwearceramics

Services:  Commissions accepted. 

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