Derek Matthews

Many of my ceramics start with a narrative that’s either imagined, half remembered, carefully researched or commissioned. I am always keen to work from a backstory consequently I am always interested in taking on commissioned work.

A love of whimsy, folk art, religious and tribal art and my background as an illustrator, all go into the mix.

I work with a variety of clays into which I often add other fragments of additional material. These ”inclusions” plus the use of oxides and multiple firings add to the alchemy and give the clay a distressed or patinated surface.

Address:  Langhurst Cottage, Prestwick Lane. Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4XP

Work Telephone Number:  01428 684 580

Home Telephone Number:  01428 684 580

Mobile Telephone Number:  07123 456 789


Instagram: #crackingpots

Services:  Commission accepted. 

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