Gary Kramer

I have come to pottery near retirement and have taken a couple of short evening classes to get me started.

Mainly I throw in earthenware clay using a kick wheel (kindly donated by an SCG member) and fire my pots

in an electric kiln to suit low fired glazes. I make mostly functional pieces and have a great love of throwing

teapots in a variety of bodies including agateware. I enjoy the technical side of making teapots and hope to

improve the form and glazing of my work in the future. In recent months I have tried raku firing and would like

to experiment with small scale wood firing.


Address:  Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Mobile Telephone Number:   07796046370

Services provided:  

I am not a very experienced potter but I would be happy to teach other people the basics of throwing on the kick wheel.


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