Gill Waller

I make slab pots, either in grogged porcelain clay or white Earthenware. I like using a white clay body because it provides a great canvas for bold decoration. Many of the porcelain pots are decorated with a black slip on the outside and a shiny white glaze inside. I like the contrast between the matt exterior with the glossy interior – rather like seashells . Many of them are sculptural forms. I have started to extend the metaphor of the beach by creating sand ripples on my latest pots – white stripes on an oatmeal glaze.

The Earthenware pots are a canvas for an explosion of line and colour, heavily influenced by twentieth Century painters. They are designed to raise the spirit with the colours of the rainbow.

Address:  “Pastures”, Dummer Road, Axford, Hampshire, RG25 2EB

Home Telephone Number:  01256 389 058

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