Harriet Wesley

My work is inspired by the surrounding New Forest, archaeological finds and ancient ceramics and has a textured and organic exterior. The inside is often, by contrast, smooth and glazed, as are the rims of vessels, and they are fired to stoneware temperatures. I like to produce sculptural pieces that are also functional. My current pieces are hand built using a cross between coiling and slab building and decorated using coloured clays and slips, stains and oxides and my own glaze recipes. I also sometimes use metal leaf to add a contrasting detail.

I have worked in ceramics since 1991 after completing a degree at Farnham. I have since worked as an artist and teacher currently producing my own ceramic work and teaching private ceramics lessons from my studio in Ashurst.

Address:  Chalk’s, 29 St Thomas Street, Lymington, SO41 9NE

Home Telephone Number:  01590 688 048

Services:  Commissions accepted.  Private classes taught in my Ashurst Studio. Please email me for details.

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