Jane Brind

 In 2016 a ceramic bowl caught my eye in a charity shop. I started to collect more pieces and learn about the history and makers of studio pottery. Having gathered too much I began selling at a local craft market and decided I should really know more about the pottery I was selling. I enrolled in a ceramics evening class at Basingstoke College of Technology in September 2017 and was hooked.

 l have always loved patterns, textures and colours created in the natural world.  I find that the coast and woods in particular are great sources for inspiration as well as aerial photos. I like to use shells, pebbles and fossils to impress in clay but in a way which doesn’t resemble the object I am using. The textures are often highlighted with rubbed back underglazes or glazes. I handbuild my ceramics as I prefer irregular forms and I use stoneware and terracotta clays.  My ceramics are generally unplanned. I want the shape and patterns to evolve as I go along.

Address: Sherborne St John

Services: I sell at local markets. Please see my website for details

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