Joanna Wakefield

I make handbuilt ceramic sculptures either figurative or zoomorphic in form. I usually sawdust fire or raku the pieces. Horses are often a subject and my work. Intrinsic aspects are terracotta or raku clay and strong form. Decoration is applied in simple patterns and the pieces are mainly hand constructed. Glazing is kept to a minimum, using oxides. Most works are fired in a raku or primitive sawdust kiln. Influence for Joanna’s work comes from prehistoric Middle Eastern and European ceramics as well as African art. She is especially interested in the ceramics of Mesopotamia (now Iraq) where one of the earliest civilizations of the “Old World” developed around the banks of the Euphrates River in the Persian Gulf.

Address:  4 Woodland Falls, Rockley Park, Napier Road, Poole BH15 4LZ

Mobile Telephone Number:  07393 946 514

Services:  Commissions accepted. Willing to hold workshops.

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