John Evans

I want my work to have an earthy, natural feel. I use primitive processes and leave the work hand-burnished, unglazed, and lightly polished. The monochrome markings, combining artistic intent with the random elements of raku firing, come purely from the impact of smoke on the clay body.

Much of my work focuses on vessel forms but with no aspiration to be functional, except perhaps where the function is to be an object of beauty or intrigue. Inspirations come from those curves, and the relationships between them, which are all around us, particularly in our own human form.

Markings are derived from dark places – forests, stormy skies, caves, underwater. Inspirations are many – from Cycladic pottery, potters and sculptors from Africa and South America, to Brancusi and Modigliani.

Since 2006 my studio and workshop has been located in Worthing. The work is in many private collections and can be found in galleries from Somerset to Yorkshire.

Address: Studio in Worthing.  Call to arrange visit.

Mobile Telephone Number:  07801 151255

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