Karen Townsend

I am an intuitive potter and much of my work is evocative of marine life and the coast.

I was briefly introduced to pottery at school, but having pursued a business career I found myself working in the wine trade and teaching scuba diving with no time for personal creativity.

Long covid forced me to review my life choices, and with joy I chose to follow my passion for ceramics.

My work captures the mysteries of the sea, especially corals, and reflects my joy of diving. I’m fascinated by the weirdly intriguing ecosystems which are rapidly being destroyed. Most pieces are sculptural as well as practical, recreating a tidal sense of other-worldliness.

I use stoneware, and often incorporate glass into my pieces which crackles beautifully. This is particularly effective when creating a sense of watery reflections. I play with all sorts of techniques, but I especially love throwing a piece and then transforming it through sculpture or carving. Every twist, dent, pinch of the clay is for me an exploration into new forms. Many of the shell-like forms I produce are pinched, and I have recently been experimenting with raw clay sculpted into the glazed areas. I often use a base of oxides and enhance them with powdered glazes.

“Feel a sea breeze in a pot”

Address:  37 Cottes Way, Hill Head, Hampshire PO14 3NQ

Mobile Telephone Number:  07771 598893

Services:  Commissions welcomed.  I also share my sense of excitement and wonder by running taster workshops from my home studio.

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