Katharine Schafli

Hello. I make one off and small runs of practical, everyday tableware to bring creativity and visual interest to useful items – bowls, jugs, mugs etc. They are greatly influenced by my life in Africa and far east Asia, so shapes, colours, and textures are rich and deep. The items are food safe but I see imperfection as beauty and love simple, modest and often rough surfaces that are interesting to touch and remind us of the forces of nature used in their making.

I spent more than thirty years living abroad which greatly influences my materials, shapes and colour. While living in Bangkok, Thailand I studied under Kasumi Katagiri, from Japan, whose teaching style, love of colour and creative spirit were an inspiration to me. Later I moved to Hong Kong where I explored new techniques and pushed my learning curve by using different types of clay, especially porcelain.

Now living in the UK, I have set up a studio where I continue to explore ideas and endeavour to create useful homeware inspired by the great outdoors – another of my passions. Not everything is a success: Pottery is a process. But it’s a process in which I can lose myself for a few hours, relax and restore my mind for the work-week ahead.

Services:  Commissions accepted.

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