Kevin Akhurst

Thrown and reduction-fired stoneware is my preferred medium and most of my work is wood-fired, using salt/soda glazing. I usually fire my kiln twice a year. Each firing contains some repeats of successful pieces but also a substantial number of experimental pots, in which I try out a new form or a different glaze or decorative technique. I have always focused on functional or decorative vessel forms which I decorate with slips and/or glazes, depending on where in the kiln the pot will be fired.

The development of my work has been focused on three priorities:

  • The idea of the vessel as a container, reflected in a fullness of form and a shape which almost demands being held in the hands.
  • The importance of surface complexity. A complex surface draws the eyes in and maintains interest over many viewings.
  • A sense of movement and energy. The paradox of conveying movement in a static vessel interests me.

Address:  High Gate, Adbury Holt, Newtown, Newbury, RG20 9BN

Home Telephone Number:  01635 580592

Mobile Telephone Number:  07767 897 509

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