Linda Smith

My vessels are often prompted by playing with ideas from previous work. I wonder what will happen if I do this? Each vessel is a ‘surprise me” because invariably they do, most of my work being an experiment of processes.

Most of my pieces are made by “coil building” which is one of the most primitive techniques, however nothing is ruled out, there is always the constant exploration of different techniques using new materials which make ceramics such a compelling adventure.

I continue to produce raku decorative vessels, my “triffids”, but lately have been experimenting with white and coloured “triffids” in high fired stoneware which allows for different decoration and makes them able to hold liquids. There are also larger vessels made for the outdoors, coloured with oxides which take their influence from ancient Japanese ceramics. During lockdown I also embarked on a project that would capture this moment in time for me and hopefully others. A tiled wall which I have called ‘The story so far…..’.

Address:  14 Arundel Way Elmer Sands Bognor Regis West Sussex PO22 6JH

Mobile Telephone Number:  07592 834 732

Services:  Commissions accepted. Weekly classes at the studio.

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