Neil Hamer

My stoneware ceramic sculptural forms allow unconscious intuitive processes to combine with thought and feeling in the making. Using a lump of clay, I make a large pinch pot and can then add irregularly shaped flattened pieces like a three-dimensional mosaic. The clay is worked by hand from inside and outside. The forms can develop over several weeks so that each lower layer dries slightly and develops enough strength to support the next layer. I work to the limits of what is possible in extending and balancing the clay, sometimes to the maximum size of the kiln. The top is either closed off to create a solid form or left open to create a containing vessel. The forms have an organic presence and may be more literally figurative. Some are pottery vases or bowls. Most are bisque fired and then glazed.

I studied art at school, at evening classes in pottery, sculpture and life drawing, and visit art galleries and exhibitions. Inspiration has come from many sources, including making in various groups and studios over the last fifty years.


Address:  Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7GB

Home Telephone Number: 01243 374445

Services provided:  Demonstrations or talks may be possible


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