Nick Taylor

I work exclusively in stoneware and typically hand build my work from heavily textured clay. I like the tension generated between alternating natural and man-made patterns and my work often features a fish motif or repeating pattern.

The slab built process lends itself especially well to garden lanterns, bonsai pots and other garden decorations. I also experiment with other techniques such as sculpture and making slip cast forms from my own 3D CAD designs.

Recent sculptures have included caricatures of various political / national figures some of whom have an interactive element.

My day job as an electronic engineer means that I have access to 3D printers and CAD software which I use to create unique forms that can’t be made any other way than slip casting. The techniques of CAD and 3D printing are also used to create many of the texture rollers and stamps used in my slab based work.

Address:  Chichester

Mobile Telephone Number:  07472 845 869

Services:  Commissions accepted.

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