Tim Thornton

I produce vessel based forms for domestic use, which vary from functional mugs and bowls through to more decorative vases and sculptural pieces. Pieces are generally loose and organic in form, showing the nature of the clay and the making processes, whether hand built or thrown. They may then be glazed, or fired unglazed in a wood-fuelled Anagama kiln, where they gain colour and texture from the wood ash and flames.

I have been producing ceramic for nine years now, starting with evening classes and building up to having my own studio, and now exhibiting regularly. My original career was in yacht design, and from this I find the need to ensure that my more functional pieces work well, both in overall shape and in the design details, so that they are a pleasure to use and feel comfortable and natural in the hand.

I have a good technical knowledge of glazes and glaze theory, developing my own glazes which may be new or recreating lost glaze technologies. Understanding glaze technology gives me a much wider toolkit for the creative aspects of my making. Many of my glazes are variegated or have micro-crystalline effects, with some having lustrous or iridescent finishes. Currently I am particularly interested in the uses of copper, iron, uranium and wood ash in glazes, all of which can create the complex, variable finishes that attract me.

I am also working on produce information on health and safety issues for potters, such as health hazards in the studio, or determining the food safety of glazes used for tableware. This is an area where there is little good quality public information, and a clear thirst for information by potters.

I regularly exhibit at craft fairs and ceramics events, see my web site for the forthcoming schedule. Many of my works are also available for purchase through the web site.

Address: Nether Wallop, Stockbridge SO20 8DP

Mobile Telephone Number:  07985 927 376

Services: Commissions accepted. Demonstrations/workshops/talks provided on my areas of expertise.

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