Vasu Reddy

Broken textures and broken pasts – this is what I seem to be exploring in my work these days. My wheel thrown pots experiment with texture, trying to capture the visible but damaged symmetry of ancient brickwork or cracked rock faces and tree trunks. I fire a lot in reduction – either using ash glazes or just oxides and no glaze at all – letting the fire have its own way.

I have recently started exploring hand-built ruins. It is the evocation of past lives that pulls me – the places where people used to sit, talk, love and sleep; the hints of their daily activities evident in the way they structured their spaces. Perhaps it is evidence of my own displaced past – from India – that heightens this pull and the desire to capture something of broken pasts.

I came to ceramics by accident – I never thought I would find a passion to rival cooking – or studying babies (that’s my other job) – but this is it. Throwing seems to me a dialogic process – a conversation with clay much like that with children – you can listen, you can be amazed, you can be open to where the conversation takes you.

Address:  ‘Tanglewood’, Outlands Lane, Curdridge, Hants SO30 2HD

Home Telephone Number:  01489 784 681

Mobile Telephone Number:  07906 850 724

Services:  Commissions accepted. Demonstrations/talks/teaching on request.

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