Vidya Thirunarayan

As my original training is in dance, my approach and aesthetics are informed by the dancer in me. My pots aim to marry elegance in form and colour with functionality.

I have always been attracted by the ‘hand-made’ and the thoughts, emotions, cultural knowledge, skill and imagination it holds.

I am in my element when I am making something, whether it is a dance movement or a clay pot. It is the process rather than the end product that continues to fascinate me.

I experiment with different clays and their potential to express an inner impulse. I love the spontaneity of surface decorations and in recent month have stretched to include Sanskrit verses from the ancient Vedic philosophy.

Address: Hop Garden Cottage, Westergate Street, Chichester PO20 3RJ

Mobile Telephone Number:  07729 399 375

Services:  Commissions accepted. Workshops are offered within my studio. The Clay Connection (bringing together dance and clay) workshops and demonstrations/talks are offered to community and HE organisations (see my website for more information)

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